Lyric & Jingle Writing

Mike has many years experience writing lyrics and jingles. He has written dozens of songs, as well as writing and recording jingles for companies.

One of his early successes was a jingle he wrote and recorded for Malanda Milk that was played on radio stations in North Queensland for over 10 years.

How He Does It

Mike works closely with clients to create a sound and image to suit their business.

As he gets to know the client he gets a feel for the message the jingle must project. Then he writes a melody and lyrics.

The client may suggest changes at this stage in the production.

Once the client agrees that the jingle is what they envisaged they agree that no more changes are needed.

Then Mike starts the recording process, laying down the music and recording the vocals.

When he is done he will present the final product to the client.

However, if the client decides after the after the production phase that they want to change the jingle in any way then additional charges may be incurred.