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Welcome to Sunny Studios….the home of Rocky Barcoo songs and art.

painting-orange-bushfireRocky writes and records (mostly) his own songs. He also covers songs he has loved for many years. Rocky is no youngster (in years), but he has never really grown up. Rocky loves lollipops…(no he doesn’t!) He loves music (ahh…that’s better), painting (pictures…not houses), taking long walks on the beach at low tide (high tide is a whole ‘nother thing!), and sitting by the fireside during a bush fire.

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He’ll thank you for it by sending them out to you post haste…Australia Post willing (ya never know with them, do you?). It will also help him feed the 2,000 cats he keeps under the bed, save up for a wooden casket (coming sometime…you just never know), and ensure he can continue to create his amazing works of art.

You can listen to samples of his songs on this website, but if you want to hear the whole song you’ll find them on dozens of music sites, including….

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….on iTunes and Spotify, but why not save time and money…..and order below? Listen to samples of all Rocky’s songs…Click here

Rocky has also invited his Vietnam veteran mate Francis Edwards to sell his songs on this website too. Francis has a beautiful voice. Have a listen and then buy any songs you love.

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