The Tennis Club Ghost


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Eating dinner alone. Noises from the empty room next door.

Who is it? What’s that noise?


Dave was a devout atheist. In fact, if you had asked him what he believed in he would have told
you he was an atheist existentialist. He surely didn’t believe in ghosts.

Not long after he got married to Noi, a beautiful Thai girl, they moved into a brand new apartment
at a tennis club in the northern Bangkok suburbs. Adam, a Chinese businessman owned the club.
Adam was perversely proud of his farang (western) name, derived from the nickname his Thai
staff had given him; ‘Ai Dum’, meaning ‘black man’, or ‘black hearted’.

Because Dave was doing such a god job for him, Adam generously gave Dave and Noi the
choice of any apartment in the two-story block. They were the first tenants, so they chose a
corner room on the second floor. They were very happy when they moved in. But three days later
they weren’t so sure any more.

Dave came home that evening about 6 pm after a hard day’s work and settled down to read a
book while he waited for Noi to arrive. He was resting on a sofa that backed onto the wall of the
empty apartment next door. At least, Dave thought the apartment was still empty. He hadn’t
heard of anyone else moving in yet.

He was so absorbed in his book it took a little while before he realized he could hear a woman
crying and moving something around next door. It sounded like she was dragging cardboard
boxes across the floor.

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