The Great Australian Drought


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The Great Australian Drought


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The Great Australian Drought


Can anyone remember, when it was so dry?
Who can stand the sight as… grown men cry
Farmers begging for relief looking to the sky
Who will save us now without water?
If we have no more…. damn water?


The sheep and cattle starving, nothing left to drink
The politicians lying, they tell us not to think
What’s the use of bales of hay – our country’s on the brink
Who will save the nation if we don’t get some rain?
Who will save the country from going down the drain?

Oh, what are we gonna do,
If we don’t get some rain?
While our skies are so clear and blue
We’re all gonna feel the pain


My mouth is dry, my hope is gone
How could it all go so wrong?
How will I stay strong?
I lay awake all night long
Worried that my money’s gone
And still there’s no water

What can we do without water?
We’re all headed for the slaughter
The politicians ain’t doing what they oughta
How will we survive without water….


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