Telephone Echoes


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It was just an ordinary telephone call from a husband to a wife….or was it?


It had been a pretty good day all round, Colin thought to himself. The client he’d taken around this afternoon had liked the last condo they had viewed and said he would buy it. They just had time to make it to the lawyer’s office to start the purchase process, and then they’d ended up here at the London Bull.

After a few beers to celebrate the client had gone home and Colin pulled out his mobile phone to call his wife to tell her he would be coming home soon.

Ring, ring.


“Hi Honey, it’s me. I sold another condo today, so I’m down at the pub at the moment celebrating. I’ll be home in about half an hour.”

“Oh congratulations! That’s wonderful. You take it easy. It’s been raining and the roads are a bit slippery.”

“Don’t worry. You know I do this trip all the time. Never had any problems yet. Hey! Do you know what?”

“What, darling?”

“You know I love you.”

She laughs at the silly game they always play on the phone. “I love you too darling. See you soon. Byeeee.”

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