A Heavy Price Part 2


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The two boys start carrying out their murder plan. Will it all go according to plan?

Malcolm and I were never saints. It was one of the reasons we got on so well together. We loved our drugs and sex. Bangkok was a paradise for us.

We had always been on the same wavelength. Back home we chased women together. We never had any problems because Malcolm had very different tastes in women to mine. He always attracted the short brunettes, and even the odd redhead, and I mean odd. Some of them were downright weird. But as long they joined in the fun they fit right in.

My taste ran towards tall, leggy blondes….wild women who liked to party.

But it was our love of hunting together that really drew us together. We loved the thrill of the hunt, the blood, the satisfaction of stalking a prey and bringing it down. Killing Baker was not quite the same, but it was a new experience for us. Killing a man was much, much more exciting. At least, it was for me.

After we killed Baker I took Malcolm home to my place and poured us both stiff drinks. Then we sat out on the balcony where I rolled a thick joint, took a long toke and handed it to him.

We didn’t smoke often, but this was a special occasion. We both needed to relieve the stress. I even considered calling up a couple of hookers we liked to play foursomes with, but I decided to talk to Malcolm first. Right now, he needed to calm down and come to terms with what we had done.

“Jack, I feel terrible. I’m shaking. I don’t think I’ll ever stop. What am I going to do?”

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