POW 921

Mike Holt has written a novel about the experiences of a World War Two veteran who was captured by the Japanese in Singapore, 1942. The Digger was Mike’s next door neighbour. When he found out that Mike is a Vietnam veteran they developed a bond and the Digger opened up about his WW2 experiences.

He was stationed in Singapore when he was captured in 1942 by the Japanese. The book tells the story of his imprisonment and the hardships he and his fellow inmates endured.

After twelve months slaving for the Japanese in Singapore the Aussie Digger was sent to work on the Burma Railway in Thailand where he suffered terribly. The Japanese inflicted horrible punishments on the prisoners, beating them, feeding them just enough to keep them alive. They endured tropical diseases that killed many. But they stayed strong with their indomitable Australian spirit. They were determined not to let the Japanese win the war.

After twelve months working on the railway, the Digger was shipped to Kyushu where he worked in the Mitsui Coal Mines. He says the Nagasaki atomic bomb saved the lives of thousands of POW’s, as well as averting a bloodbath if the Allies had been forced to invade Japan.

The book is filled with previously unheard or little known history and information, including a chapter on the Battle of Brisbane. You won’t be able to put this book down.

Mike’s first published book, POW 921 is available online through Amazon Books. Click here or on the book cover below to get your copy.

POW 921, a very personal story about the experiences of an Aussie Digger captured by the Japanese in 1942 (Click on image to buy the book)

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