Announcing Our Business

Announcing Rocky Barcoo’s art and music business

announcing rocky barcoo

Announcing Rocky Barcoo’s art and music business service for select artists and musicians to display their talents. We choose the artists we want to present. If you would like to feature on this website contact us to discuss what we can do for you. Once we agree on the services we can provide you we will make sure everyone who should know hears about your work by announcing in of Social Media, this website, and wherever else we can.

facebook-buttonWe charge a flat 10% fee for music and art sales. Fees for all other services are negotiable. Ask us for a quote!

We are pleased to be announcing our Facebook page. Click on the logo to visit and Like our Facebook page.

How the Website Works

We have provided samples where possible of our work. Have a listen to Rocky’s songs and then buy them for immediate download. Each song  listing has a sample so that you can listen before you buy. The samples will only play half the song though, so to get the full enjoyment make sure you buy the songs you like.

Announcing Rocky’s New Album!

Rocky is working on a second album which will contain an assortment of songs in different styles. At the same time, Rocky is working on his first Country music album as well. He’ll be announcing them as soon as possible.

Rocky’s songs are featured on iTunes and Spotify, as well as many other music download sites. Just search for Rocky Barcoo!


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Music Recording Studio

Are you ready to record a song or a whole music album? Rocky is ready to record it for you.

Once he has recorded your songs he will produce the final product for you and send it to you in any music format you require.

Mobile Studio

Rocky’s service is unique because he will go to your place anywhere within 50 kilometers from Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland! He will bring all the equipment needed to record each instrument or the whole band.

You live too far away?

No problem! If you have recorded your music and you are looking for a producer, contact Rocky to discuss your project.

Original music for sale

If you are a musician and would like to list your works on our website please contact us. We offer very friendly commission rates. Click here to send us a message.

Original Art For Sale

Budding artists can list your artwork on our website free! We only take a commission when you make a sale. All you do is pack and ship your artwork whenever we sent you an order.

Visitors, would you like to commission an artwork for your office or business? Click here to send us a message. Tell us the name of the artist you like and the type of artwork you are looking for. We will discuss your commission with the artists and make the arrangements for you both. You pay nothing for this service, but once you agree on a commission you will be required to pay a deposit.


How about a Jingle for your business?

Rocky has been writing and recording jingles for years. Because of copyright agreements we can’t put any on our website, but you only have to listen to Rocky’s songs to know he is an accomplished lyricist and song (and jingle) writer.

If you would like to discuss a service, please post a message below, or send us a note through our Contact Us page. I welcome your feedback as it will help me improve the website and my services.

Rocky Barcoo

Who is Rocky Barcoo?

Announcing the man, the legend. Rocky looks like the picture on the right. But sometimes he can also look a bit different, like the picture below left.

Rocky tells us, “Rocky-Barcoo-meI gave my first recital, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, just three weeks after I started learning. Gawd! How I must have screeched and scraped my way through that! But my school mates, parents and teachers all applauded (probably with relief that I had stopped) and I was hooked!”

“Over the years I’ve been privileged to play with many musicians, on stage and off. I’ve jammed with some of the best, including Phil Judd, Marc Hunter, Rob Guest, and many others. Along the way I’ve had a lot of fun. The most fun I’ve had, though, has been recording my original songs in my own home studio. I hope you enjoy the songs as much as I enjoy writing and producing them.”

Fiddlin-RockyRocky traveled overland in 1978, planning to go to the UK and get into the music scene there. But he got waylaid by the hot weather, hot food, and hot women of Thailand and ended up living, playing music, and running his own businesses there.

“After 30 years in Thailand, 2 marriages (one still going strong today) and two daughters I decided it was time to return home to Australia. We ended up on the Sunshine Coast where we continue to live.”

“Rocky has traveled extensively throughout the years, around Australia, Asia and New Zealand. His travels have influenced his musical style, which perhaps explains the varied musical styles he has recorded.”

“All songs written and played by Rocky Barcoo, except for Rain (written by Jose Feliciano), Hurt (written by Nine Inch Nails) and the Beatles classic, Eleanor Rigby. Special thanks to Boghrat, a great guitar player from Los Angeles who kindly gave me permission to use his guitar instrumental in Rain.”

Rocky has reached a ripe old age, but he still maintains his active lifestyle, as well as building his new business through this website.

With his wide vocal range Rocky hits the highest and the lowest notes. Come on in and have a listen to Rocky’s Songs.

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